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A new lineup

We’re all missing sports, aren’t we? Because of that, I bring you an inside look at our Know Your Faith section with a sprinkling of sports references.


Longtime players on the Gospel Commentary circuit, Father James Hudgins and Father WilliamSaunders, have retired their reflections on the Sunday Gospels for the Catholic Herald. Both pastors having been traded recently — Father Hudgins from St. Jude in Fredericksburg to St. Theresa in Ashburn and Father Saunders from Our Lady of Hope in Potomac Falls to St. Agnes in Arlington — and are eager to get to know their new fans. Father Saunders will continue as episcopal vicar for faith formation at the training center (chancery). Many thanks to both for their fine work breaking open the Gospels for fans for multiple seasons.


New this season on the GC lineup are Father Rich Miserendino and Father Steven Oetjen.


In the minors before a 2015 priesthood ordination, Father Miserendino was a physics student at the University of Rochester in New York. He’s at the parochial vicar position at St. Bernadette Church in Springfield, but the baritone sax player spent a few seasons at St. Agnes.


Father Oetjen, who hails from Alexandria, studied mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. He’s been parochial vicar at St. James in Falls Church since his 2017 ordination.


These new players join veterans Father Jack Peterson, who leads the mission and development squad for the Youth Apostles, and Father Joseph Rampino, traded from chaplaincy at Marymount University in Arlington to a parochial vicar spot at Queen of Apostles in Alexandria.


A fan favorite from Philly has been brought in to clinch the KYF catechetical component. Bishop Michael F. Burbidge begins writing a monthly column this issue with a piece on church and society. Fans will appreciate the team manager serving up some strong guidance on catechetics, liturgical themes and solid spirituality.


“You can’t tell the players without a program,” so snap up a copy of the latest Catholic Herald for a spread on the recent diaconate ordination and a shoutout to the local priests marking ordination jubilees. Six priests are retiring their jerseys this week. Check out their highlight reels.


As the real Boys of Summer prepare to play a shortened 60-game season, let’s keep our fingers crossed and our prayers going that all remain safe during this pandemic. Maybe next year, we can settle into our sun-drenched bleacher seats and shout, “Play ball!”


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