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  • The opioid epidemic

    I was very shocked and sad to read the article about the opioid epidemic in Fauquier County. Having grown up in Arlington, VA and moving to Fauquier County in 1986 I find it a very desirable county and a good place to raise a family. I did listen to the pastor talk about the problem in the community and thought it positive that the sheriff is reaching out to Christians to preach about this and be aware. I find it hard to believe that our peaceful county is "most affected" in the Arlington Diocese. It makes Fauquier and the high school sound drug ridden. I would think Northern Virginia would take first place in this category. 3 of my children attended Fauquier HS and the last to graduate was in 2010. We always felt it was a good high school and thankful they did not have to be exposed to all the negatives in Northern VA high schools.