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  • Finding our identity beyond the costumes


    Children, and adults alike, have spent this past weekend and week celebrating Halloween at parties or in their neighborhoods. 

    I recently attended a Halloween dance. While the music was blaring, I spent time looking at everyone's costumes. Families of Smurfs, Spiderman and Beetlejuice were among my favorites.

    Halloween seems like a funny holiday to me. We spend time and money dressing up, taking on other identities for the day. We can become anything we want to be.

    I wonder what God thinks when he sees us taking on all these identities.

    Sure, we all want to change who we are at some point. We look at our neighbor and think he has the best life with his fancy car and backyard pool. We see the CEO living large. 

    We don’t need to take on the identities of others. We could perhaps incorporate the positive aspects we see from others and bring them into our own lives. I wonder what would happen if we take on the identities of saints we admire. 

    The temptation to take on the identity of others may be strong, but maybe we need to play dress up for ourselves, finding our own true identity. 

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