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  • Herald Ornaments

    When recycling your Catholic Heralds, consider making Christmas ornaments. Check out these new DIY (do-it-yourself) videos to learn how to make five different types of ornaments using past issues. The ornaments range from a simple double-sided circle to a more advanced Swedish advent star, and the only supplies you will need are a pen, cardstock, scissors, stick glue or hot glue, tape, ribbon and of course your favorite issue of the Catholic Herald. View the video at youtube.com/user/arlingcatholicherald.


    Circle and Heart Ornaments:

    Skill level: beginner

    Assembly time: 5 min each

    To make your circle and heart ornament you will need scissors, tape, glue, card stock and ribbon. 

    Quick tip: be sure to add your ribbon before gluing the last panel of your heart ornament. ( Don't worry, it happens to the best of us :-)


    Herald Angel

    Skill level: lower intermediate

    Assembly time: 5 min

    To make your Herald angel you will need the bottom half of page two of the Arlington Catholic Herald with the Catholic Herald Logo. You will also need scissors, tape, glue, and card stock for the Angel's head. 

    Quick tip: When making the wings for the Angel keep the folds smaller and more numerous than the angel skirt.


    Advent Star

    Skill level: intermediate 

    Average assembly time: 25 min.

    To make this Swedish advent star you will need a ruler, scissors, stick glue or hot glue and of course your favorite issue of the Catholic Herald, not to mention lots of patience. 

    Cut out 21 strips of paper 7 in by 1.5 in and fold them over 3 times at a 3rd of an inch width. The thinner you make your strips the  more elegant your design will be. 

    You will need 10 strips for each side of the star. Save one to make a looped hanger if you so desire.




    Skill level: high intermediate 
    Supplies: Scissors, ruler, glue, cardstock, brass tab, pen

    Quick tips: using a full page of the Catholic herald measure 2in increments the length of the page leaving a 4th of an inch tab at the bottom. Make sure there is a crease going down the center of each flower petal when you start folding.

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