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  • Irish vote on abortion

    Today, the Irish people are voting on whether or not to repeal the Eighth Amendment, which would legalize abortion. For months, representatives from both sides have put signs on lampposts, handed out pamphlets in crowded streets and wore buttons declaring their position. 

    Anthony Jones, a college sophomore and Fairfax native, has been in Dublin this week assisting the country’s pro-lifers — the Love Both campaign. Though not all, many of the pro-life volunteers are motivated by their Christian faith.

    “It was really inspiring to see the faith that they put in God regarding this issue, remembering that ultimately it’s in God’s hand,” said Jones.

    He and others will encourage people to vote “No” until the polls close tonight at 10 p.m. Jones has found that interacting with the voters is as much about retaining this important amendment as touching the hearts and minds of the Irish people. 

    “We’ve just been planting seeds. Whenever I hand someone a flyer I pray to the Holy Spirit to grow that seed,” he said. “I'm very inspired and hopeful about the referendum.”

    Learn about the outcome of the vote in next week’s Catholic Herald and hear more from Anthony Jones in our weekly podcast.

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