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  • Mother’s Day without my mom

    I miss my mom every day, so I know how Mother’s Day can be a sensitive time for many people who have lost their own mothers. It’s gotten a little easier as the years pass but it’s still hard at times.

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about the little things. Popcorn was a favorite treat at our house. I remember my mom telling me that when we’d buy popcorn out at one of my favorite malls in Missouri, she would bite out the kernel part of each piece of popcorn so that I wouldn’t have a chance to choke. Little things can make for a big memory.

    I miss her every day, talk to her every day and ask for her intervention and intercession daily. She can’t get away from me!

    Her love lives on in me and my siblings as they raise their children. She taught us well.

    I am totally in awe of mothers. Such deep love and compassion truly must come from God. And the amount of patience it takes. Mothers of teens must agree!

    I made a list a few years ago of favorite memories of her. Here are a few:

    • She was generous beyond belief.
    • She helped me learn the “Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue” prayer for school and kept a copy of it under the glass on her dresser.
    • She always sent her family and friends holiday cards, along with random notes and newspaper clippings throughout the year.
    • She wrote notes on napkins in my school lunch. Those days I’d use my sweater sleeve instead of using the napkin note!
    • She always tried to keep things fair, going so far as to divide the opening of the chocolate advent calendar three ways!
    • She helped me find my condo and sent the first piece of mail I received.
    • She shows up in songs and countless other ways when I miss her the most.

    I have a million more memories, some of which I can’t include.

    If you have a memory of your mom send it my way. I want to keep all our memories alive.

    Happy Mother’s Day all! 

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