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  • Now is the best time for self-care

    I lined up my self-care tools on the bathroom counter and shut the door.

    Kindle book. Check. Face, hand and foot masks, check. Pedicure supplies. Check.

    I know like many others facing maybe their second day or perhaps second month of teleworking or social distancing from coronavirus COVID-19, you may be scared or feeling anxious. I know I’ve been at a solid 7-8 on the “freaked out meter,” and I needed a night of pampering myself and unplugging from social media and the constant stream of news in the living room.

    I’m only on day three of teleworking, but it’s a whole new world as I haven’t done this before in the almost 15 years I have been at the Catholic Herald.

    There have been a few upsides so far to this craziness though.

    I have gotten more exercise in the last two days than I did all last week. The minute I was done with work the past two days my husband and I put on our sneakers and headed outside for fresh air and walked more than 5 miles one night, and more than 3 and a half last night.

    All of a sudden, gyms are closed or limiting how many people can be inside. People are changing their routine for staying fit and healthy.

    Yesterday, we saw several couples either walking or running together.

    Families were out riding bikes together on the trails near my condo..

    Two friends were doing a workout routine – burpees I think – on the rooftop of a townhouse, and another woman appeared to be getting a personal training session in the parking lot of a closed store along Wilson Boulevard.

    Tonight, I plan to have a “virtual” walk with my best friend. We usually have a standing date to exercise together. Our walks aren’t just about being physically fit, but mentally fit as well – also a form of self-care. So, we will take separate walks in our own neighborhoods, but chat as usual during our own private “therapy” session.

    I’ve heard stories on Facebook of people starting to clean out their closets, or paint more, or learn a new craft. I plan to challenge myself soon with cooking out of my pantry and invite my friends to a “Chopped” style recipe sharing challenge. Keeping positive during this time is what will keep us healthy and sane I think.

    I not only gave myself a pedicure last night, I painted cherry blossoms on my toenails, because why not? It made me happy.

    I ran out of time for the hand and foot masks, but I have something to look forward to another night.

    Tell me what you are doing for self-care for you and your family in the comments.


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