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  • Our 5 favorite podcasts of 2018

    sister paulineThis year was a big one for the Catholic Herald’s weekly podcast. While it launched in July 2017 as a weekly recap of the week’s top headlines, 2018 was the year it found its voice. The audience grew, a new producer joined the Catholic Herald staff and podcasting became easier with new tools. 

    With that in mind, our staff compiled their five favorite podcasts of the year. If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, now’s the time. We’d love to hear from you afterward: What do you like? Is there anything we should do differently, or someone we should interview? Drop us a line at feedback@catholicherald.com.  


    Nun ministers to prisoners, with help from rescue dogs

    Dominican Sister Pauline Quinn wants to help both rescue dogs and hardened criminals heal. She accomplishes this on a global scale through her prison ministry program that pairs prisoners with service dogs in need of training. Listen as she shares her own story of abuse and redemption through the help of a dog named Jonie. 


    Leesburg pastor’s beehive is all the buzz

    Father Kevin Larsen, pastor of St. John the Apostle Church in Leesburg, explains why he thinks it’s important to “bee” near God in nature. He also shares the stories of a few saints associated with bees. 

    Good, bad and “meh” films, John Mulderig reviews them all

    Do you love movies? In this episode, meet John Mulderig, the man who sees 150 movies a year for Catholic News Service and reviews them so you can make an informed decision when buying a ticket at the box office. 


    The role of the Catholic artist today

    Exquisite artwork can be seen in basilicas around the world, and its ability to bring people closer to God has been expounded upon in church documents new and old. But to better understand good art, painter Andrew de Sa set out to “demystify the creative process.”


    Sister Rose Pacatte on faith and films

    The Daughter of St. Paul explains how she became an award-winning film journalist — and how faith and films can intersect. Later, she shares why she dislikes many recent Christian films, and what she recommends instead. 


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