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  • Plugged in to podcasts?

    Podcast logoAre you one of the Northern Virginia commuters trying to take the edge off your commute by listening to podcasts? Or as you wind down after a busy day at home or school, do you search for podcasts to bring you the news without having to go find it?

    If you haven’t found the Catholic Herald’s podcast among the many offerings out there, go to our website — catholicherald.com — tap the drop-down for Local News and find Podcasts. We are working on making it more user-friendly with its own drop-down soon. You can also search on Libsyn.

    Scroll down the list and see what tickles your fancy.

    Mostly, you’ll find a recap of the weekly headlines from the Catholic Herald, sometimes featuring call-in interviews with the main subject of an article. We have an extended podcast interviewing two high school chaplains; it’s pretty entertaining. We also have some that are narrations of specific compelling articles.

    This effort started as a video issue recap about a year and half ago, but has morphed into this headline podcast —a quick way to stay informed and inspired and connected to your local Catholic community.

    We find it’s a nice opportunity to recap the top news for our readers and help others unfamiliar with the Catholic Herald find their way to our many offerings from the weekly print newspaper, to the catholicherald.com website and our weekly emailed e-newsletter. Not to mention our Social Media presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

    But as with the news business, the podcast is a work in progress. We keep changing things up from week to week.

    Next week, we will produce our 50th podcast. We’d love to hear from our readers, aka listeners, about what you like or don’t like, and what you would like to hear more about. Please email us at feedback@catholicherald.com or leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

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