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  • Prayers for Ireland

    I don’t know much about Irish politics, but when I arrived in Dublin last week it was clear that there was an upcoming vote on abortion. Looking out the airport bus window I saw signs all over the city.

    On the pro-choice side, the predominant slogan was — “For compassion in a crisis, vote yes.” On the pro-life side, there were pink posters declaring — “Love both, vote no.” The Catholic churches I visited had banners on the outside, and pamphlets on the inside, asking voters to save the 8th Amendment, the law that protects unborn life.

    While walking through Killarney, I met pro-lifers handing out flyers and pins. I stopped to talk to one young adult who seemed a little disappointed that I couldn’t vote in this election, and didn’t know anyone who could. He still let me take a “Love Both” pin.

    Ireland is one of the few countries in the world where abortion is still illegal, but that might not be true after the vote. Let’s pray for the referendum May 25, and pray that our country follows the lead of the Irish in loving both. 

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