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  • Shoutout for the printing plant

    Since the media is considered essential, we are continuing business as usual — but not exactly as usual.

    I wanted to give a shoutout for the folks at our printing plant at the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, Md.

    Despite all the extra stress the coronavirus pandemic is putting on our communities, the plant is open and taking care of our print needs as they have for the past decade. 

    It takes a dozen pressmen to run the FNP printing press. Three people prepare the press for ink settings and folder adjustments.

    If you’ve ever been to a printing facility, you know when the presses are running, the noise is deafening. It’s usually chilly and the smell of ink and newsprint — there’s nothing quite as wonderful — permeate the room. At FNP, the three-story press runs almost continuously. It takes three hours to print the Catholic Herald’s 120,000 copies.

    Many thanks to Nancy George, sales manager and our personal print rep since 1979, just a few years after the Catholic Herald was founded.

    “There have been a few breaks but basically since 1979 I have been the sales rep for your account,” she said. “That is how long my relationship has been with Catholic Herald.  It has been a pleasure working with all of you.”

    Keep up the good work, men and women of the press in Frederick. We need you.


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    @Ann M. Augherton