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  • Waiting for Bishop Burbidge

    “Hello, this is Zoey Maraist from the Arlington Catholic Herald, can I speak to the principal?” I asked.

    “Sure, let me transfer you,” said the receptionist at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh. “And I’m very upset that you’re taking our bishop.”

    For the past several weeks, the other staff writers and I have been compiling as much information as we can about Arlington's new bishop. No matter who we talk to, from a receptionist I’d never spoken with to the bishop’s closest colleagues, the message from Raleigh is the same: We will miss Bishop Burbidge.

    A former member of the Raleigh diocesan finance council, Tim Mann, told me that in the last 10 years the bishop has become one of his closest friends, and a friend to his whole family. “I think the most disappointed people were my three children,” said Mann. “People love him.”

    Again and again, high schoolers and church leaders alike told me how personable he is, how hard-working, interactive, goal-oriented and kind. It’s wonderful to hear.

    There’s always a bit of uncertainty when a new leader joins the team. But the people of Raleigh’s love and loyalty toward Bishop Burbidge fill me with great hope and anticipation for the new bishop Pope Francis has given us. 

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