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  • Where's the Christmas spirit?

    Everywhere we look, we are inundated with Christmas. From debates about the moral merits of songs, to elves that migrate throughout the houses and get into different situations, to lights and blowup Santa Claus and reindeer decking the houses, are all signs of the coming celebration of Christmas. 


    But what if you don’t feel the same spirit of celebration? I know I’ve been struggling and believe others might, too.


    There are many reasons for not feeling in the Christmas spirit. Separation from loved ones by death or distance, compounding stress of financial strain of buying presents for so many people, and the weather-related doldrums can contribute to Christmas feelings not matching up to the Hallmark movies advertise.


    I remember as a young child being so excited I couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve. I’d try to force myself to sleep knowing my siblings would wake me much earlier than I would usually want. I, too, wanted Christmas morning to start as early as possible, but it felt earlier after a long night of anticipation and lack of sleep.


    Some years I have had a more difficult time matching my desire for Christmas with the cheer of the season. I long for the excitement that young children have when counting down for weeks the visit from Santa. 


    So, while I and others are waiting for the Christmas spirit to renew itself, I wonder if holding on to the positive past experiences can renew our spirit. Take time to do the things that bring joy — eat the foods you always ate for Christmas with your family. Get a coloring book with reindeer or Santa Claus and color your cares away.


    But don’t forget to pray. Through prayer and faith, we can possibly come to understand the joy of Christmas that goes beyond the spirit we are missing.


    God bless you all. 


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