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  • Loving your neighbor is more important than politics

    It is absolutely necessary that Catholics be involved in politics, but it is more necessary that Catholics remember to love their neighbors. We are called as Christians to live a holy life. That means we cannot be Christians at home and secular-unnamed persona at work, school, or at the mall. Our Catholic Christian-ness needs to be in our vocations and entirety of our lives, not just politics. What other way can we as Catholics give glory to God than by truly living as Catholics in all we do? We must come together as a faith and truly love each other, treating each other as children of God. That means loving and considering all our neighbors, including the ones we disagree with politically. We must come together as one faith, one conscience, and be Catholic through and through. We are One, Holy, Catholic (universal), and Apostolic Church. It’s time we look for Christ more in all our neighbors, not just selectively with the ‘Christian Politicians.'